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GrowlTap Summer

Here’s some great pictures that were sent to me last week! Taken in Orange Beach Alabama! From left to right: Mark and Brittney Davenport along with Mark’s brother Matt. Mark wanted me to note that yes ladies, Matt is single! Doug Scott and Erwin Boggs enjoying a growler on the Georgian Bay in Canada from, Muskoka Brewery….


New website!

You may have noticed that we’re at a new site. The GrowlTap is still the same great beer preservation system, we’ve just got a new name for it! The backorders have been all filled, expect your GrowlTap to arrive in 2-3 days in the U.S.

HeliYum Sam Adams


*Note* This was posted on April’s Fools Day. Unfortunately helium is not very soluble and the moment you opened your beer it would all be released. Move over Nitrogen, Sam Adams released a new beer today, the HeliYum. HeliYum uses helium instead of Co2 or nitrogen completely changing the mouth feel.  Check out the video…


New Website!

We’ve finally got the new website launched just in time for the Asheville Citizen-Times to write an article about the GrowlTap! I’d like to thank Jared Quintana at Elevation Creation for all of their working getting the page going. Jared, one of our Kickstarter backers, was up very late last night ensuring a smooth transition.


Another GrowlTap fan!

‎Hello fellow beer drinkers. I had no idea such a product actually existed in real life. I mean I would dream of such crazy ideas after a few beers… but ‎I didn’t think someone went through the process of making such product an actual working dream machine. Wow. A growler keg! My BESTEST friend in…

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Issue With CO2 Dispensers

To start, we are currently still on track with no delays. It was a close call. The CO2 dispensers that we ordered had slight differences on the inside. The majority were too tight to fit our CO2 cartridges. We didn’t think we could drill it out, enter Constant Laubscher of Huddle Stone Woodcraft Inc, in…

Good News Everybody

Production News I apologize for how long it has been since my last update. The re-tooling on the plastic injection mold die is complete. I’ve included some pictures of the mold at the bottom. We are on track for shipping and working hard to get the GrowlTap to everyone by our goal of December 20th…

TC w bar lights -2


Some of you may have noticed that the estimated shipping date was changed from November to December. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the design of the mold. Basically the mold uses too much plastic resulting in excessive shrinkage in the finished GrowlTap. This, in turn, causes irregular depressions in the exterior surface. We had hoped…