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GrowlTap™ Instructions

CO2 Dispenser Instructions:

Note: Use only 12 gram or 16 gram food grade CO2 cylinders, threaded or non-threaded.   Non-food grade cylinders contain harmful byproducts like oil and benzene.

  1. Unscrew the cylinder casing.
  2. Screw the threaded cylinder into the head of the CO2 dispenser.  When you hear the hissing of the CO2 escaping, continue quickly tightening until the hissing stops.
  3. Screw on the yellow casing.
  4. Screw the C02 dispenser to the lead free brass ¼” compression fitting on the GrowlTap™.

Note: Like any beer container, do not shake the growler before use. Give it time to settle after bringing it home from the brewery.

  1. Open the black tap faucet and screw the GrowlTap™ onto the growler.  For some people, it works better to turn the growler rather than the GrowlTap™; it’s just a personal preference.   The tubing going into the growler displaces a little beer and it will overflow if the tap faucet is not open. Quickly close the tap faucet after the GrowlTap™ is installed.
  2. Open the tap faucet over your beer glass and lightly press the button on the CO2 dispenser. A feather touch is required for the first beer, but the GrowlTap™ touch can be quickly mastered.
  3. After dispensing beer, close the tap faucet and again press the button on the CO2 briefly to maintain internal CO2 pressure. Failure to recharge after dispensing will lead to flat beer.  So when you finish drinking a couple of glasses of beer, just be sure to lightly add some CO2 to the growler to provide a “CO2 blanket” for the sitting time in your frig.
  4. Dispensing the last glass of beer through the tap faucet uses more CO2 than dispensing all the previous beer.  To conserve CO2, remove the GrowlTap™ and pour your last beer. 
  5. Enjoy your beer!

Cleaning Instructions:

After each growler is finished, use warm soapy water to clean your GrowlTap™, open the tap faucet and allow water to flow through the hoses.   Rinse with cold water. Hang the GrowlTap™ with the tap faucet open to allow water to drain out and air dry. Alternately, you can also use Star San to clean the GrowlTap™.  Do not wash in dishwasher.


Do not use the CO2 dispenser as a handle to move the growler. This will result in damage to the ¼” brass fitting and may destroy the CO2 dispenser.

Do not allow the GrowlTap™ to exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so will damage the pressure relief valve.

If the beer is pushed through the pressure relief valve, do not operate the GrowlTap™ until the pressure relief valve is cleaned with warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. A clogged pressure relief valve can lead to growler failure.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in damage to the GrowlTap™.